Top 5 Awesome Original Anti Theft Backpack |2019

Top 5 Awesome Anti Theft Backpacks of 2019

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Why we all need an anti theft backpack? Once I am traveling to Africa for a business tour someone just easily opens my back bag pocket and took my valuable accessories including my USB. I get into Complete shock and face a lot of issues on my whole tour. After that, I decided to get a backpack which has some sort of safety and someone can’t access the main compartments easily. 

In this article, we will discuss the Top 5 best original anti-theft backpack. The backpack is an Important partner of your traveling. You just need a backpack which will secure your traveling and keep safe all your valuable accessories. So you have peace of mind. I had inserted the video at the end how the Anti-theft design works.  



1) Travel Safer Daypack For Men Women Student

Key Features 

1 Awesome Material and design

Durable polyester fabric water-resistant material and easy to clean. The design is also unique and give an awesome look. You can use this in your school, college or university.

2. Security 

This backpack has all its zippers hidden and it is hard to open for a stranger also comes with hidden pockets on the back so you can easily safely travel with it.

3. Charging Port

This backpack also comes with 2.0 charging port where you can charges your mobile phone anywhere.

4. Comfort

The S shape of this bag and shoulder curve give a unique comfort so you can use this bag for long travels

  1. Anti-theft Travel Backpack Business Laptop School Book Bag with USB Charging Port

    This backpack comes with lots of great features and it has a lot of improvements as compared to its previous versions.

Key Elements of this backpack

1)  Anti-theft Designed 

ANTI THEFT DESIGN: This bag apply anti-theft design technology. The zipper of the pocket is fully hidden in the back, So no theft can steal your valuable things also a small pocket on the back which will secure your small accessories like passport, documents and other’s

2) Charging Port

This backpack comes with a charging port. You can easily insert a power bank  of any size and then just connect your mobile with the charging port and your phone start charging


This bag comes with an adjustable strap which makes it lightweight and more easy to carry. You can easily carry a laptop and other accessories.

3) Anti Theft Slim Durable Travel Laptop Backpack

Key Features

1 A lot of space for your accessories 

This backpack comes with a lot of space so you easily adjust all your belongings during your travel you can also use it as a school bag.

2 It’s Comfortless

The design of it is so comfortable. Its back is so soft and adjustable shoulder straps make it a unique So you can easily carry it for long.

3 Anti Theft Design 

It has a hidden pocket on the backside in which you can easily save your important documents, papers or any other valuable Things

4 USB Charging Port 

Using this Charging Port you can easily charge your mobile phones while running, walking or jogging

4) Light Weight Anti Theft Backpack

Key Features 

1 Stylish Design 

This Bag comes with an Awesome shape and it had 10+ slots in which you can carry all your necessary accessories


It had hidden pockets so no way to pickpockets. You can protect all your documents during travel using this.

3 Soft bubble form 

It is very soft from the back which help in carrying this bag also it provides a comfort to the back so it is easy to carry for longer journeys

4 Anti-scratch and water resistant 

It comes with anti-scratch and water resistant outer material so you can use it freely.


5) Business Anti-theft waterproof backpack 

This bag comes in the FIFTH position because of its design and security

Key Features of this backpack 

1) USB 2.0 Charging Port and headphone Port 

This backpack gives USB 2.0 Charging port and Phones are easy to connect with the port and also provide fast charging  also a headphone port is there so you can easily listen to music

2) Water Proof Backpack 

This backpack comes with waterproof  Skin that makes it a good bag for school and traveling.

3) Anti-theft technology 

This backpack comes with the anti-theft lock and a good quality zipper so no one can easily open it. So you can use this bag with your traveling


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