How To Pack a Backpack – An Easier Way [2019]

Pack a Backpack – An Easier Way

How To Pack a Backpack – An Easier Way [

Are you facing any issue packing your backpack?  As you intend for an intriguing excursion, the first thing to take over your mind is to find an appropriate backpack for lugging the required stuff. This isn’t as easy as it seems to be, because you will be supplied with various pockets, adjustable straps and numerous zippers that will appear to be a nearly impossible task.

Most of the people will simply stuff the bag with everything, this might be easy to do but will create a lot of hassle for you in times of unwinding it.

This requires some knowledge regarding different parts of a backpack that will facilitate you in making proper use of all the space. And here, we have included all the necessary information you require while packing a perfect backpack for your journey.

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What is an ideal backpack?

Whether you go for a high-tech designer carrier or some tenacious rucksack, some crucial characteristics make a bag classical for usage. The material of the product is its most significant feature, the polymer must be strong enough to bear the load of the material. Also, it has to be flexible to accommodate all the stuff without the need for extra force.

Size is the next key feature for an extraordinary backpack. Usually, a small bag holds the capacity of 6-10 liter, while for a standard-sized one the range extends to 10-30 liter. As we are seeking a backpack dedicated to the purpose of traveling, we will require over 35 liters of space.

For the sake of comfort, it is essential to choose a bag that will be having padded straps. It will assist you in lugging the bag all day long and will also prevent back and waist strains.

There is no guarantee about the weather conditions you might face during your traveling expedition. So, precautions are necessary, thus an ideal backpack will always have a protective rain cover or will be provided with an exoskeleton for its ultimate protection.

The above features are not the only ones needed in a traveling backpack but surely are the most important ones.

 Dividing things in a backpack

Packed methodically, a backpack can lug a lot of stuff that we thought it could. But what matters here is the strategy we adopt for performing this act. You can spend time trying to fit things in different ways but this would not work unless you are properly aware of the different parts in a backpack and are also mindful of their exact use.

How to pack a backpack

Main Parts of a backpack

Let us first have an idea of the parts provided in a backpack and their usage.

1) Backpack Front Zipper

It is the biggest compartment of the backpack.  which must be lugged properly in order to distribute the weight of the luggage evenly. Starting from the bottom of the bag, fill it with the stuff which is not required during the trip and is usually needed later on. This includes sleeping bags and pillows, clothes like sleeping PJs and shoes or boots. This is going to set a stage for the rest of the things to layover.

you need to set all the gear that is not required or required less during traveling and will most probably be needed during the stay. This row comprises travel cutlery and food carriers, a cooking kit, stove and also some extra reservoirs of juice and water. This is the perfect spot for placing the heavy gear as it will create a center of gravity and prevent the bag from being overloaded.

comes the top of this front zipper, which has to be loaded with the usual requirements that must be quickly accessible to you. Warm jacket, raincoat, pants, mufflers, and other baggage is accumulated here. It is also accompanied with toilet papers, napkins, and a first-aid kit

2) Backpack Side pockets

These pockets on each side are as advantageous as the front zipper, although being small in size they are capable of holding your daily necessities as these are super reachable. The keys of your car, sunscreen or other cosmetic products, snacks, identity cards, candies, sprays, and similar stuff can be settled in them.

3) Tool loops Backpack

Accessories for setting up a camp or for trekking up the hills are loaded in these loops. Some common things include trekking poles, tent poles, sleeping pad, camp stool or chair, and climbing rope. Many of the travel backpacks have been provided with a separate storage solution for this gear.

4) Bottle holder

it is also equipped with a separate bottle holder. It will fulfill your need for carrying the fluids safely and preventing them from dripping along the way or getting in touch with other items.

5) Backpack Shoulder straps

Ones located along the shoulder side are meant to balance the weight of the bag as they tend to rise upwards when stuffed too tightly. These usually carry 1/3 load of the bag.

6) Compression strap

These are provided to keep the weight closely and tighten the bag. They pull the bag strongly and keep it in a compact position which is easier to be carried. Some people also utilize the base compression for holding the sleeping bags/pads.

7) Hip belt

It is meant to carry 2/3 weight of your at least, the focus of this part is the lower body. And it protects your last vertebra from pressure and strain.

8) Sunglasses / Torch  holders

There is a mold located over the bag for keeping your sunshades  safe also you can hang your camping torch with it


How to pack a camping Backpack

How to wear the backpack with all the straps?

A loaded backpack must also be carried in an appropriate way to prevent extra pressure over your body. So here, we are going to tell you the use of all those straps provided on your bag for reducing the stress on you.

How to pack a backpack for hiking?

As we have learned the way of properly packing a hiking backpack, we need to see what things are required as we set out for an adventurous hiking trip. The crucial stuff for this excursion is the trekking poles and hiking gear. Your bag must never be over-occupied or it will be a great hurdle when you are climbing up the mountains. Try to keep lease useless stuff and focus more on the necessities, water residual must be present in a great amount.

My recommended way.

  1. Add clothes, First Kit, camera in one Main compartment
  2. The things you needed frequently must be added in the front zipper-like food, torch, sunglasses etc
  3. Add rain cover in the lower front pocket
  4. Keep the Tent or sleeping bag hanging with the front loops
  5. Water Bottle should be on the side pockets

How to pack a backpack for camping?

While you are backpacking your baggage for a camping trip. The most important things to keep in the bag are camping tools and tent gear. Try not to overburden your bag with extra clothes and focus more on keeping proper food, water, and survival tools like a torch, knife, etc

How to pack a backpack for traveling?

Requirements during a traveling expedition will be different, as more attention is giving towards the clothes and accessories that you will need during your stay.

My recommended way

  1. First, Secure all your important documents/ gadgets  in an inner pocket so it can’t be  accessible easily
  2. Add clothes to main big compartment
  3. Add cosmetics/ sunglasses/ watch/ mobile accessories on front zipper
  4. Water bottle on side pockets

How to avoid backpack from being overloaded?

Packing a backpack might be super tempting because everything will appear as a necessity and will then result in overloading it! Thus, it’s important to keep your senses open while doing this work. The best way to sort your things is to lay them out on a table and divide them according to their intensity of need. The daily necessities are totally unavoidable so they can’t be missed, while the luggage of unnecessary clothes can be left behind and more space should be left for the food and fluid supplies.

How to keep your backpack safe from the rain?

You surely don’t want to end up yourself and your bag wet when a rain shower hits you unexpectedly. So don’t forget to prepare for such a situation prior to setting off for your journey. The best solution for this scenario is a rain cover which is easily available in the market at a very economical rate. It will keep your belongings safe and secured. Moreover, some backpacks are already provided with a rain protective cover which further eases the task for you.


We have explained to you the way to lug your things in a backpack in a comprehensive way. You surely must have benefitted from this information so make sure to work accordingly from now and feel the difference yourself.

Enjoy your journey!

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