Top 5 Backpack Harness For Dogs | Saddlebags

Top 5 backpack harness for dogs | Saddlebags

First of all, why you need a backpack harness for dogs? Is your dog in the mood of a hike or do you sense the call of an escape from daily life? But remember, ventures are not the same when you intend them with your fluffy pooch! As hectic as it can be to lug all the necessities for the excursion, also the dog itself, your little pup might prove to be a help in this case.

backpack harness for dogs
A stock of snacks and water is the first thing to locate in your carrier whereas a lengthy list follows on, so are you thinking to carry all that in your hand and make your experience a troublesome one?
Well, that’s very naïve of you because we are here with the appropriate solution.

Dog Saddlebags or satchels are processed to fulfill this need for you which are well-defined and tenacious backpacks that hold all your stuff in its sorted place and make it super easy for you to keep a check on them. As your dog enjoys a stroll across the mountains, you can settle the bag on its back and let it carry the stack while you soothe yourself in the serene environment!

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1) Mountainsmith K-9 Dog harness Backpack

The Mountainsmith K-9 Dog Pack is the appropriate partner you require for an exciting camping trip. With its flexibles straps and harness, it will make your pup carry the load restfully while you embark on your journey.



  1. Available in 3 colors – Azure blue, Caribe blue and Lava red
  2. 3 adjustable sizes – Small, Medium and Large
  3. Independently adjustable back harness for a custom fit
  4. The single adjustable belly strap
  5. Single haul handle fixed at the top
  6. Air mesh panels for enhanced ventilation



Customers were highly satisfied with the adjustable quality of this saddle bag which keeps the dog comfortable as well. The durability and strength is also commendable while the ergonomically tapered torso shape makes it safe and easy to be carried.



Although the majority of the owners were appealed by its usage but one of them reported that the dog’s belly hair was knotted after the camping day.

2) OneTigris Backpack harness for dogs

The OneTigris Dog Pack will sort all of your tour material in its roomy compartments which holds them safe. The durability is regarded to its water-resistant 1000D nylon and a range of sizes is attainable to fit every kind of dog.

1. Made of 1000D comfortable nylon
2. Water-resistant and durable product
3. Spacious with two main zipper compartments
4. Adjustable straps to fit all sized dogs easily
5. Built-in holder for quick access to the waste bag

The owners recommend this saddle bag due to its durability and accommodating sizes. The chic design is a source of allurement and most of the dogs appear to enjoy carrying it.

3 ) Lifeunion Saddle Bag for Dog

The Lifeunion Saddle Bag for Dog is an enduring backpack which is portable in all its senses. The fine material which is smooth as well will easily hold all of your pup’s gear and make it a hassle-free experience. Being absolutely economical on the pocket, you will pick this product without a second thought!


  1. A durable product made from high-quality polyester
  2. Lightweight and waterproof
  3. Adjustable chest and back circumference
  4. Made up of breathable and cooling material



According to the customers, the best thing about this bag is its cozy and soft touch which makes its experience super pleasant for the pup!

Also, it is notably spacious with side pockets and a bottle holder.



Some owners have come up with the issue of flexibility for heavier dogs which makes it a troublesome journey for them. As a result fittings are not strong enough and slip throughout the way.

4) RUFFWEAR – Palisades Dog Backpack

The RUFFWEAR – Palisades Dog Backpack will prove to be your impeccable ally in a breathtaking venture with its attributes like removable saddlebags, two collapsible water bottles, and a load compression system. Your pup will feel relieved and comfortable with its smooth fittings and padded assistance.


  1. Removable saddles bags for stops or crossings
  2. Modified harness frame with four attachment points
  3. Stable and handy
  4. 2 BPA-free hydration bottles included
  5. Load compression system for the safety of the load



The consumers appear to be pretty contented with this product as it offers safe containment and a smooth handle with padded assistance. The color of the bag is very appealing and the weight is evenly distributed to prevent any possible inconvenience.


Some owners were comparatively displeased with the quality of the product as their pet didn’t seem to be cozy with the fittings.

5) Wellver saddle bags for dog

The Wellver Dog Backpack is lightweight and compact as an ideal hiking bag, composed of super comfy material it will make your dog feel at home. Also, being spacious enough to carry all your needs in its defined pockets, this product is all you need for a squabble-free tour.


  1. Made up of breathable mesh lining for a comforting adventure
  2. Adjustable straps which fit your dog properly
  3. Lightweight and washable material
  4. Capacious bag with two wide pockets to carry your stuff
  5. Available in enticing color combinations



A product which won the heart of all its users, spacious and flexible backpack which is super easy to be carried as well. The owners are really impressed with its custom fittings that were made for dogs of all sizes.


Although, few of the customers criticized the display photos being vastly different from the original backpack. They made an opinion that the colors and fittings were deceiving in those photos.

These are the top 5 saddlebags / backpack harness for dogs. You can select according to your requirements and budget also please let us know your valuable opinion about this product and also share your experience regarding it, we’ll love to hear it from you!  Stay Blessed


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