Ultimate! Guide for buying a Airpods Case Cover | 2019

Airpods Case Cover

I had recently bought my expensive Airpods, There are cheaper options available but i prefer the Apple brand. After a week using it, I get little worried about losing them because they are too small and I might end up losing all my investment. So there I get an idea of buying an Airpod Case  Here’s The deal “I will write the pro Tips at the end so stay with me”

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Why we need a Airpods Case Cover??

Airpods are a really small gadget. We all have a behavior of misplacing things. I myself several times slip it during walking. So we really need a case which gets us out of these all fears, also I need a waterproof cover to keep it more secure so now we will discuss the top option’s available.

airpods case cover

Top 3 Airpods Case Covers

Waterproof Airpods Case Cover by Catalyst, Shockproof  Airpod Cover 

The only Airpod cover which gives full protection. Using this cover you can carry your airpods on hiking, running, walking, fishing and camping.  This is the certified waterproof airpod cover. You always have peace of mind because it is ultra shock resistance and give you full protection outdoor!

It also has a detachable carabiner which gives extra security. It is a deluxe design cover and premium silicon material is used to make it more durable.  It comes up with 6 cool color’s.

 Drop Proof Air Pods Protective Case Cover with Cute Fur Ball

This cover comes with a cute design with a variety of colors. This Airpod cover comes with playable fluffy pompom keychain using this you can keep your airpod dust-proof, shockproof, scratchproof and waterproof.

It’s about 70cm/27.5 inch and made of premium food grade silicone. The cover is very durable. Your airpods can easily adjust in this cover. You will feel more secure also they provide

Metal Airpods Case Newest Full Protective Skin Cover 

This cover is designed for “RAPID HEAT DISSIPATION” because the Aluminum and silicon cover mostly heated when they are placed on charging and this cover is made up of metal. It also provides 360° PROTECTION all the times you can carry it outdoor easily.

It has a slight texture to the metal so it isn’t smooth and slippery. This cover releases heat and keeps the battery cool also it is very charing convenient. It will come with the anti-loss wire using this you can easily hang it with your bag or any other material.

You can compare these all three and buy according to your requirements.


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